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"What is it like to be a mailman in a town where half the people have no addresses?
Imagine the travails of being the town's only cross-dressing palm tree trimmer?"

For 3 years Wendy anonymously wrote a column, Encounters of An Underground Milkmaid, in El Calendario, as her way of learning about members of her adopted home,  the charming little fishing village/art colony of Todos Santos, Baja California Sur.  She only interviewed people who were born and raised there, with the help of renowned Todos Santos artist, Erick Ochoa as translator.

In 2007 she published Genuine People of Interest, Todos Santos, an inspiring collection of many of her interviews, revealing much about the charm, humor and dignity of its inhabitants. A priceless peek into the hearts and souls of how the local people felt during the transitional time of being discovered by all the folks who started migrating there,  and the changes that came with them.  Genuine People Of Interest has become a classic for anyone interested in the early days of the first and second wave of the world's discovery the magic of this first Pueblo Magico of Baja. 


As Editor and Publisher of Building In Baja Magazine, Solid Advice From The Trenches, and the subscriber based digital newsletter, Baja Tips Weekly, Solid Advice and Tips With a Twist, Wendy’s focus has always been on helping, supporting, and guiding Expats to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls when building a home, a business, and a life, shortcutting their way on the road to becoming successful residents of their adopted country.

Wendy’s articles are filled with interesting details and valuable information one needs to know when taking the leap of moving to a foreign country, and especially those issues that are specific to Baja Sur.

Wendy's articles about Adventure Travel, Architecture and Design, and Lifestyle  appear in publications in the US, Canada, and Mexico. She is a regular contributor to Destino Magazine, Journal Del Pacifico, and Mexi-Go. Here are some links to some of her latest pieces:


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 Wendy blogs regularly for Eldersense.com, "Unconventional Aging In Place In a Foreign Country".  Wendy's tales about her being a senior citizen herself, living next door to her 93 year old dad in Mexico.  Her latest, "Getting Dad a Mexican Drivers License"

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Mex-Go Magazine: Gracias, Todos Santos.

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